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A-Z List Items


Please DO NOT place it out for recycling/garbage collection.

Items marked caution, corrosive, explosive, poison and flammable should be considered as hazardous waste and proper disposal is required. Please contact the Product Care Association at (204) 477-0741 or 1-888-772-9772, or Miller Environmental Corporation at (204) 925-9600 for additional information.

Air conditioner and dehumidifier

Air conditioners and dehumidifiers contain ozone-depleting substances (ODS) which are very detrimental to the environment and may contribute to global warming. In Winnipeg, the City has a pick-up service for air conditioners and dehumidifiers for a fee of $20 per unit and an appointment can be made by calling 311.


Air conditioners and dehumidifiers can also be taken to the Brady Landfill where there are arrangements for safely disposing appliances with ODS. There is a tipping fee per vehicle at Brady.


If you live outside Winnipeg, try calling the local municipality office for information on safe disposal options. Also, check with the store or company you bought the unit from and they may have information on, or a fee-based service for picking up the unit.


When no such options are available, place the unit by the curb for collection by the regular waste collector. Leave the unit in upright position to minimize accidental release of ODS and do not attempt to open or dismantle the unit.

Aluminum Foil/Tray

Aluminum foil and trays can go into the regular garbage. They cannot be recycled.

Anti-freeze and Container

Manitoba Association for Resource Recovery Corporation (MARRC) collects used automotive antifreeze and containers, which can be disposed at 69 rural licensed Eco-Centre collection depots in Manitoba and 10 licensed collection sites in the City of Winnipeg.


Call MARRC by phone at: (204) 632-5255, or call toll free at: 1-888-410-1440 for additional inforamtion.


Please do not place old appliances out for recycling/garbage collection.


Appliances less then seven years old may be accepted by Habitat for Humanity Re-Store as donations. Please call (204) 233-5160 or visit this link to find out what appliances are accepted as donations.


City of Winnipeg runs a pick up program for bulky household appliances. Call 311 or visit this link to learn more about the services provided by the City.


You may also take bulky waste directly to Brady Road Landfill for disposal. There is a fee per vehicle.

Bags: Plastic & Paper

Safeway accepts plastic bags for recycling at retail locations.


Paper bags can be recycled throughthe city's blue box recycling program. Please visit "What can I recycle page".

Find out what’s recyclable in your community:


Plastic bagsdo not break down easily in landfill sites. Therefore, please reuse them to the maximum and dispose of with your regular garbage.

Batteries (lead-acid)

Lead-acid batteries range in size from 2 kilograms in small emergency lighting systems to 20 kilograms in an average passenger vehicle to thousands of kilograms in some industrial applications. These automotive and industrial lead-acid batteries are eligible for recycling under the Canadian Battery Association (CBA) Stewardship Program.


To drop off your lead-acid batteries visit CBA’s website: for Consumer Drop Off Sites (go to the “Find a Battery Recycler” tab and enter your town/city for a location nearest you).

Beverage Containers

All used, ready-to-serve beverage containers, including beverage containers made of aluminum, glass and plastic, PET, HDPE, and cartons (juice boxes, and gable-top cartons) can be recycled.


Please contact the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) that operates the Recycle Everywhere program in Manitoba for additional information.

Brita pitcher and bottle filters

Preserve (a US based company) and Brita have teamed up to collect and recycle Brita® pitcher filters & bottle filters. Preserve transforms the recycled plastic from the filters into new Preserve products. Please follow the steps below for recycling Brita filters:


1. Save 3 used Brita® pitcher filter cartridges for each shipment. Only a maximum of 3 filters per package will be accepted (maximum weight 750g).


2. Dry the used filters by shaking off excess water and setting them in a dry place for at least a week before packaging them for shipping.


3. Wrap the used Brita® filter cartridges in a plastic grocery bag, and then pack them in a box. If possible, please reuse the original box that you purchased the Brita® filters in to package the used filters for return (boxes and bags will be recycled). If the original packaging is not available, please use a parcel that is a similar size and shape to avoid excess packaging.


4. Print out the Brita® pre-paid shipping label and bar code and affix the label to the package.


5. Drop the package off at the nearest Canada Post mailbox.


Brita will collect the used filters and ship large batches to Preserve for recycling up to two times a year. 

Bulky Waste

Bulky items such as mattresses, box springs, chairs, couches and other furniture, fridges, freezers, stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, air-conditioners and other large appliances will not be picked up with your regular garbage collection. Contact 311 to arrange for special collection. A fee may apply.


Appliances that are well functioning and less then seven years old may be accepted at Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. Please call (204) 233-5160 or visit this link to to find out what appliances are accepted as donations.


New carpet is accepted at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.


Viking Recycling is now offering carpet recycling in Manitoba. Contact them for costs to divert your project's carpet from landfill.  They also accept Ceiling Tile, VCT and LVT for recycling. Viking Recycling can be reached at:


Tel: 1.416.452.7873




Before you call, please have the following information ready: carpet type, total square footage, project date and name for Certificate.


All carpet must be dry and free of contamination.  Broadloom carpet has to be rolled and taped or tied into manageable 'logs' (approx. 4ft width).  Carpet tiles to be stacked by type and secured with shrink-wrap to skids (up to 5 ft high). For larger projects we can accommodate bulk pickup and delivery options.


If the carpet cannot be recycled, please take it to Brady Road landfill. Information on Brady Road landfill is also available by calling the recycling and garbage information line at 986-8888.


 CD-ROMs/DVDs will be accepted at Computers for Schools (CFS), Best Buy and Future Shop for recycling.

Cellular Phone

Manitobans now have the opportunity to recycle their cellular telephones through the Recycle My Cell program


Recycle My Cell will accept your cell phones, smartphones, wireless PDA's, batteries and pagers – regardless of brand or condition.


As well, Canadian Diabetes Association offers Canadians the opportunity to conveniently donate their unwanted cell phone(s).

CFLs and Fluorescent Tubes (residential)

For recycling compact fluorescent lights and tubes, please contact Product Care Association (PCA) at (204) 477-0741 or 1-888-772-9772. Following products can be recycled:

  • Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) – fluorescent bulbs that are typically similar in size and intended to replace an incandescent (traditional) light bulb in a residential setting. The program accepts all types and shapes of CFLs from homes including pin-type sockets, covered CFLs and various output wattages.
  • Fluorescent tubes – these long tubes come in different lengths (such as 8 feet, 4 feet or shorter) and widths (such as T5s, T8s or T12s) as well as sometimes in curved or circular shapes. Maximum acceptable length is 8ft.
  • Also accepted are accidently broken, residential-use, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and fluorescent tubes in sealed plastic bags or sealed glass containers.
  • Maximum limit for return at one time is 16 CFLs or fluorescent tubes or a combination of types.


Please follow this link to find the nearest drop-off point. 

CFLs, Fluorescent Tubes and ballasts (commercial)

For collection and disposal of fluorescent lamps and ballasts from non-residential facilities, please contact Environmental Disposal Solutions (EDS) by phone or email. Contact information:

Gord Lenz, Ph: 204-232-8157 or
Sheldon Koslovsky, Ph: 204-694-6114 or
Fax: 204-694-6179



EDS accepts the following from commercial facilities:

  • All lights manufactured today
  • Light fixtures
  • Non-PCB ballasts
  • Crushed glass is acceptable


Computers and computer accessories (mouse, cables, keyboard, hard drive) are a type of designated electronic waste. Manitoba has a well-established program for collection and disposal of electrical and electronic waste (e.g., home and vehicle audio/video systems, telephone sets and answering machines, desktop and portable computers and accessories, microwave oven etc.). This program is run by the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA).


Please visit for more information on how to recycle computers and computer accessories.


If the computer(s) and accessories are in good working condition, you may be able to donate it for reuse to Computers for Schools, Manitoba or other organizations such as the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre Inc.


Please see Air conditioner and dehumidifier.

Drink/Juice Boxes

Drink/juice boxes can be recycled throughthe city's Blue box recycling program.


Find out what’s recyclable in your communityby visiting

Electrical and Electronic Waste (e-waste/ewaste)

Manitoba has a well-established program for collection and disposal of electrical and electronic waste (e.g., home and vehicle audio/video systems, telephone sets and answering machines, desktop and portable computers and accessories, microwave oven etc.). This program is run by the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA). Please visit for more information on how to recycle e-waste (ewaste) in Manitoba.


For a complete list of eligible products click here


For recycling and refurbishment of all types of electrical and electronic equipment (e-waste/ewaste), please contact:


Mother Earth Recycling

771 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB  R2W 3N5

Phone: 204-942-7900 Fax: 204-272-9067



Mother Earth Recycling recycles all types of electrical and electronic equipment, regardless of where it came from or how old it is.  Mother Earth Recycling has no restrictions on the type, or source of the electronics you need recycled.


The following is a partial list of items that may not be accepted by other recyclers but that Mother Earth Recycling would be happy to receive:

  • Rack mount and floor standing servers
  • UPS or uninterruptable power supplies
  • Cash registers and POS (point of sale) systems
  • Calculators, some PDAs and many other handheld computer devices
  • Electronic whiteboards, 3D glasses
  • Cables, wires, connectors, breakers, cabinets, motors, shafts, tools
  • Vacuums, polishers, sanders
  • Batteries
  • Floor standing printers and photocopiers
  • Receipt printers, joysticks or game controllers, magnetic strip readers
  • Modems, hubs, switches, routers and mobile internet sticks
  • Production cameras or video equipment, microphones or recording equipment, public address systems
  • Satellite receivers, dishes, LNBs, broadcasters, 2-way radios, wireless and WI-FI antennas, connectors and switches
  • GPS systems, satellite receivers, e-readers, two way radios, FM transmitters

Contact Mother Earth Recycling for more information about their services and additional types of e-waste (ewaste) accepted for recycling and refurbishment.




Information contained in Green Manitoba’s A-Z Recycling Guide is intended to provide an easy-to-use and quick method for connecting Manitobans with organizations that are involved in the recycling and reuse industry in Manitoba.


Green Manitoba does not assume any responsibility with respect to the accuracy of the information contained in the A-Z Recycling Guide, nor do they warrant that the statements and other information contained therein comply with applicable laws or regulations.


Users of the A-Z Recycling Guide are therefore cautioned to consult with the respective businesses about their standards and procedures before engaging in their services to determine its appropriateness for any particular application.


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