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CleanFARMS Inc.


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Program description

  • CleanFARMS is the Producer Responsibility Organization(PRO) that manages the safe collection and recycling of empty commercial pesticide and fertilizer containers in Manitoba. CleanFARMS members represent the majority of brand owners selling farm pesticide products in Canada.
  • The stewardship program was originally launched in Manitoba in1989 and was taken over by CleanFARMS on February 1,2010. In August 2011, the program was approved by the Minister of Conservation under  the  authority of  the  Packaging and  Printed  Paper  Stewardship Regulation (R195/08) of the Waste Reduction and Prevention (WRAP) Act.
  • The Empty Pesticide and Fertilizer Container Recycling Program provides Manitoba farmers and applicators with excellent access to collection sites across the province.
  • There are approximately 116 municipal collection sites for the program throughout Manitoba.

Why is it important?

Empty pesticide containers that are not properly disposed of can contaminate surface water, groundwater and air if there are still pesticide residuals in the containers. The program provides important environmental benefits by ensuring containers are cleaned and that the plastic is recycled into valuable new materials that can be used back on the farm.

Containers eligible for collection in the program include:

There are two types of containers collected through the CleanFARMS empty pesticide and fertilizer container recycling program: containers under 23 litres and over 23 litres (i.e., barrels, drums and totes).


The program includes all empty containers that are labelled “COMMERCIAL” pesticides and fertilizers. These include products used in the agricultural, horticultural and golf course industries.


For containers under 23 litres, users are asked to do the following:

RINSE all containers by either triple-rinsing or pressure-rinsing them before they are returned. The rinse water should be placed back in the user’s spray tank, thus ensuring all the product is safely used up.

REMOVE the container caps and booklets. Removing the booklet allows it to be placed in the paper recycling stream. Since caps are made of a different material than the container, removing the caps also helps ensure the recyclability of the container.  

RETURN all containers to one of the convenient collection sites nearest you.


For containers over 23 litres, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to arrange for collection of the containers. If a user is unsure of who is responsible, please contact CleanFARMS at or call 1-877-622-4460.

Containers not eligible for collection in the program

This program excludes products bearing a "DOMESTIC" classification. If you have products for disposal with this classification, please call Green Manitoba in Winnipeg (204) 945-3268; outside Winnipeg toll free: 1-866-460-3118.


Drop off your empty pesticide and fertilizer containers at any of the designated drop-off sites in the province (click on the city or town for a location nearest you). There is no charge for recycling your empty pesticide containers.

The containers are stored in large corrals that are surrounded by a fence. A contractor collects the empty containers and transports them back to its facility to be shredded and stored in poly-woven bags. Full truckloads are sent to a recycler that makes approved plastic products.

Business & municipalities

Are you a business or municipality/community in Manitoba looking to register as a collection site for empty pesticide and fertilizer containers? Contact CleanFARMS at 1-877-622-4460 or by email.

How is the program funded?

The program is funded through the manufacturers and distributors who sell pesticides and fertilizers into Manitoba. CleanFARMS is an industry funded organization that has been established to operate the empty container collection program as well other stewardhsip programs.

Have additional questions?

Contact CleanFARMS at 1-877-622-4460 or by email.

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Call Green Manitoba in Winnipeg (204) 945-3268; outside Winnipeg toll free: 1-866-460-3118 or by email.