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Green Tips for Festivals and Events

Worldwide, festivals and events (in addition to business meetings and conferences) generate huge amounts of throw-away materials, consume vast amount of energy and water, and release greenhouse gases responsible for global warming and climate change. Much of this waste and consequent environmental impact can be avoided by carefully planning and implementing a green plan, which will result in cost savings, better branding, and customer loyalty.

The following is a set of tips for making festivals or events green.

  • Adopt an environmental statement (slogan) for the festival/event
  • Make a ‘green plan’ and be specific in terms of targets, benchmarks and timeframes.
  • Carefully consider the nature and scale of the festival/event – some events may draw thousands of visitors at a time and may last for several days. These offer major opportunities to ‘go green’ in terms of sourcing locally produced food and drinks, using public transport, using recycled / biodegradable materials, using renewable energy, and reusing/recycling waste.
  • When possible, select the venue that is convenient for most people (trip to the event is short and quick) and has relatively small impact on the environment
  • Include a reliable estimate of carbon footprint of the event / festival in the promotional materials and the information package for the participants, and offer ways to offset all or part of the carbon footprint.


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