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Welcome to Green Manitoba

Green Manitoba is a special-operating agency (SOA) of the Manitoba government dedicated to creating a cleaner and greener Manitoba.  The Agency does so by providing information on provincial sustainability issues and delivering programs and services related to:  waste reduction, greening government, and education for sustainability.


Recycling and Waste Reduction

Manitoba has launched a new discussion paper, “Recycling and Waste Reduction” on December 12, 2014 with an ambitious goal to reduce Manitoba’s per capita waste in half from 840 kg in 2013 to 420 kg in 2020. The full document can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Recycling and Waste Reduction: Discussion Paper

New Stewardship Plans for Review

The Manitoba government is reviewing eight proposed new plans for the recycling and collection of designated products such as paper and packaging, paint, fluorescent lights, other household hazardous waste, electrical and electronic waste, used tires, primary and rechargeable batteries, lead-acid batteries, unused medications, and mercury containing thermostats. Manitoba Sustainable Development wants to hear what you have to say about the stewardship plans. Please follow the link below to review the plans and provide your feedback.

New Stewardship Plans for Review

Find Your Nearest Eco Depot

Not sure where to take your recyclables? Whether it’s for a mobile phone, old tires or the paint from that reno you did last year, our new search tool will help you find the nearest depot to recycle it—anywhere in Manitoba. Now it’s easy to search by location or by the type of product you want to drop off, making us your go-to recycling resource. Don't forget to download the free smartphone and mobile app version - now available on the Apple store. Watch for the Android version coming soon!


Manitoba Composts Program

Organic materials such as leaf and yard wastes and food waste come from many sources including residences, grocery stores, restaurants, offices, and schools. It all adds up to a substantial amount that can be diverted from landfills to compost facilities. The Manitoba Composts program is a component of TomorrowNow-Manitoba’s Green Plan. The new program provides the foundation for municipal and commercial composting facilities to improve organic waste management.

Manitoba Composts Program Outline

Nutrient for Life Learning Garden Initiative

Education is at the roots of understanding the living world around us. Find out how a learning garden at your school can help students explore and experience the science behind food production.