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While Manitoba has an abundance of clean fresh water, unsustainable land use and other activities have lead to decreased water quality in many of our lakes, rivers and aquifers. Manitobans also use too much water on a per capita basis – Canada ranks second only to the United States in per capita use of water.


As part of a strategy to protect Manitoba’s water resources, Green Manitoba will provide support for our partners to improve water efficiency in households and communities. We will ensure a coordinated approach to conserve water through technological improvements in household and community-wide water infrastructure, and to protect water quality from contaminations caused by household, commercial, agricultural, industrial and recreational activities.


Manitoba's Water Stewardship Strategy


The goal of Manitoba’s Water Strategy is to develop a sustainable, watershed-based planning across the entire province to ensure that future management of specific water issues is done carefully. A sustainable approach will ensure that all our needs are met, while maintaining ecosystem protection.


The Strategy has identified six inter-related policy areas that were first mentioned in Manitoba’s Water Policies (1990) and subsequently validated in many stakeholder and expert consultations. These areas include:

  • Water quality
  • Conservation
  • Use & allocation
  • Water supply
  • Flooding
  • Drainage

A number of specific actions have been identified to address issues within each policy area and many of these are presently underway. The Strategy and action plans are being taken forward with the help of a three-prong implementation plan – development of an integrated water planning and management system, review and consolidation of water legislation, and development of financing mechanisms.


To complete this exhaustive task, the public will continue to be consulted on a variety of water management issues. The information gathered will be used to determine and develop the future course of water management in Manitoba.