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Manitoba Association for Resource Recovery Corporation



Phone: (204) 632-5255 or 1-888-410-1440 (Toll Free)  Email:

Program Description

  • Manitoba Association for Resource Recovery Corporation (MARRC) is a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) established in 1997 in the Province of Manitoba to manage the safe collection and recycling of used oil, oil filters and oil containers.The Used Oil, Oil Filter and Antifreeze Stewardship Program is approved under the authority of the Used Oil, Oil Filters and Containers Stewardship Regulation (MR 86/97) of the Waste Reduction and Prevention (WRAP) Act.
  • In addition to used oil, containers and oil filters, as of June 1, 2011 MARRC now collects used automotive antifreeze and containers under the Household Hazardous Material and Prescribed Material Stewardship Regulation (MR 16/2010).
  • MARRC currently has 69 rural licensed Eco-Centre collection depots in Manitoba and 10 licensed collection sites in the City of Winnipeg.

Why is it Important?
Motor oil picks up a variety of hazardous contaminants when used in engines and transmissions. These contaminants include lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, dioxins, benzene and polycyclic aromatics. If used motor oil is disposed of inappropriately and released into the environment, they can harm humans, plants, animals, fish and shellfish.


In bodies of water, it sits on the surface, preventing sunlight and oxygen from getting into the water, affecting fish and water plants. It can kill fish, frogs and other animals that breathe from the water’s surface.

Low temperature burning of used oil can create airborne pollutants that can have adverse effects on human health.

Antifreeze is poisonous and can harm plants, animals and people if exposure occurs, care must be taken to properly dispose of used antifreeze containers. Antifreeze containers should not go into the recycling bin. Due to cross contamination issues between the antifreeze containers and those that contain food, it is important to keep these containers separated. Putting them in the recycling bin may contaminate all containers in the bin.

Products Eligible for Collection under the MARRC Program Include

  • Used automotive oil and containers
  • Used oil filters
  • Used packaged antifreeze and their containers (30L or less) and bulk antifreeze (greater than 30L)
  • Ethylene glycol and propylene glycol used or intended for use as a vehicle engine coolant.

Drop off your used automotive oil, oil filters and antifreeze at any of these Licensed Eco-Centre Collection Depots in the province (enter your postal code for a location nearest you). There is no charge when you drop off your used oil, containers, oil filters or antifreeze and containers eligible under the MARRC program.

Registered Collectors
A “Collector” is an organization that is licensed to collect used lubricating products from generators, collection facilities and Eco-Centres and transport them to approved recycling processors. For larger quantities of used oil materials, Click Here to have your local collector schedule a pickup.

How is the Program Funded?
The Program is funded through environmental handling charges (EHCs) applied to the sale or consumption of these products, as well as producers responsible for selling these products into Manitoba.

Have Additional Questions?
Contact Manitoba Association for Resource Recovery Corporation (MARRC) by telephone: (204) 632-5255, or call Toll Free: 1-888-410-1440.

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Have Questions About Recycling in Manitoba?

Call Green Manitoba in Winnipeg (204) 945-3268 outside Winnipeg toll free: 1-866-460-3118 or by email.