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Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba


Phone: (204) 953-2010  or  1-877-952-2010 (Toll Free)    Email:



Program Description

  • Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM) is an industry led not-for-profit Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) created to recover and recycle packaging and printed paper normally managed within the municipal waste stream (primarily household packaging and printed paper).
  • The Program was launched in Manitoba in April 2010, operating under the authority of the Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Regulation (MR 195/08) of the Waste Reduction and Prevention (WRAP) Act.

Why is it Important?

Recycling turns used materials (waste) into new products. This reduces the need to consume potentially useful materials; reduces energy usage, air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from landfilling) by reducing the need for waste disposal, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions as compared to raw material production.

Materials eligible for collection in the program include

The program includes any package or container that is comprised of glass, metal (e.g. steel cans, aluminum cans), paper (e.g. gable top containers, aseptic containers, corrugated cardboard and boxboard), or plastic (e.g. PET (pop bottles), HDPE (e.g. milk jugs), polystyrene, etc, or any combination of any of those materials, including plastic bags, as well as printed paper (e.g. newsprint, direct mailings, flyers, magazines, directories) and other printed materials that are normally managed through the residential waste stream.


Each municipality defines its own list of what they accept in their program.  For a complete list of materials accepted in your community recycling program please Click Here and select your community.


To find out more about recycling in your community, please Click Here  and select your community.  If your community is not on this list, please contact MMSM for information on how to start a recycling program in your community. Contact us by telephone: In Winnipeg: (204) 953-2010, Toll Free: 1-877-952-2010 or by email.

Municipalities and Communities

MMSM’s Municipal Recycling Program provides municipal participants with funding for recycling programs, tools and assistance and other programs designed to complement recycling and waste reduction. For more information, please contact MMSM by telephone: In Winnipeg: (204) 953-2010, Toll Free: 1‑877‑952‑2010 (toll-free) or by email.

How is the Program Funded?

Industry Stewards who are responsible for producing/manufacturing/importing the packaging and printed paper into Manitoba are responsible for funding up to 80% of the net costs of efficient municipal recycling programs in Manitoba.

Have Additional Questions?

Contact MMSM by telephone: In Winnipeg: (204) 953-2010, Toll Free: 1-877-952-2010 or by email.

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Still Have Questions About Recycling in Manitoba?

Call Green Manitoba in Winnipeg (204) 945-3268 outside Winnipeg toll free: 1-866-460-3118 or by email.