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Health Products Stewardship Association


Phone: 1-613-723-7282   Email:

Program Description

  • Health Products Stewardship Association (HPSA) is a Not-for-Profit Association funded and governed by the health products industries for the safe disposal of unused or expired medications.
  • The Manitoba Medications Return Program (MMRP) ensures the safe and appropriate disposal of all your health products according to health and environmental regulations. To view locations near you, please click here.

Health Products Eligible for Collection in the MMRP Program Include

  1. All prescription drugs
  2. Over-the-Counter Medications (Units sold in oral dosage form)
  3. Natural Health Products (Units sold in oral dosage form)

No sharps, syringes or needles

Why is it Important?

Keeping medicines around the house is not safe. Current child-resitant packaging, while helpful, is not alone sufficient to prevent children's/teens' access to medications. You can have an immediate impact by securing all medications at home in a safe and secure location which is out of sight. Flushing your medicine down the toilet or drain, or tossing them in the garbage, is also not recommended.

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Have Questions about Recycling in Manitoba?

Call Green Manitoba in Winnipeg (204) 945-3268 outside Winnipeg toll free: 1-866-460-3118 or by email.