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I loved my experience teaching younger students about the importance of plants and gardening.  It is so therapeutic for me and thank you NFL for our gardens. -- Student


We loved to learn how to build gardens.  I never used a drill before and I was proud of my garden I built.  Then I got to choose the vegetables and that made my garden look even prettier!!!! Thank you so much for giving us a chance.-- Student


It was an awesome day.  I planted a pepper and worked with the soft dirt!!!-- Student

School kids in garden


This was a wonderful opportunity for all that were involved.  My horticultural students felt it was a gift to be able to build more vegetable beds and learn about how important gardens are to their lives and their futures.  They are excited at the sight of their seeds growing and are looking forward to making something together with all the produce.  Watching the students have so much pride in themselves and teaching others about the soil and nutrients made me smile inside.  It is opportunities provided by places like NFL that gives kids hope and seeds for a brighter future. - Educator

We truly had the most incredible and rewarding experience growing a variety of plants in our school greenhouse.  The responsibility, ownership, knowledge and pride the students developed when tending and caring for their plants was immeasurable.  They were eager to have the opportunity to challenge themselves with several plants and vegetables.  As a school we are keen to introduce the greenhouse to all classrooms and challenge all of our students and classrooms to participate in this activity. - Educator


My daughter LOVED the experience she received in Grade 3 with her involvement in growing a garden and growing food for the class bunny and herself.  To be able to grow something from seed, through sprouting and right through to full-development and harvest - a tangible outcome, and in some cases not, is an invaluable experience. She was able to learn hands-on valuable life lessons about plants and their requirements for growth.  She learned about scientific observation and paying attention to details - qualitative and quantitative.  The experience taught her about nutrition and food development.  All of this learning - while having fun and getting dirty.  An incredible way for students to learn about plant science, food development, the elements, and nutrition.  - Parent 


[Our son] enjoyed recording the growth of his plants and making observations.  He also shared his disappointment when his pepper had bugs and ended up dying, despite all of his efforts to rid the plants of the bugs.  Throughout the various greenhouse projects, he learned procedural writing by writing out the instructions for transplanting the various plants that he brought home as well as the steps for planting the seeds etc.  He learned how to make regular observations by measuring plant growth and writing detailed observations, but most importantly he now has a genuine interest in plants and their growth.  We currently have a tomato plant and a pumpkin plant that were started in the greenhouse, and he tends to both of these on a daily basis by watering (ensuring he doesn’t water them too much or too little) them … he looks forward to another year of discovering the beauty and nature of plants.- Parent


Throughout the school year, my son grew numerous plants - both edible and decorative. The benefits were many:

1.     For many children, this project was their first and perhaps only exposure to growing their own food. 

2.     The children got to eat a salad comprised of plants they grew themselves.

3.     The children grew food to feed the classroom pet bunny - a wonderful sustainability/ecology lesson.

4.     They grew beautiful flowers to give as gifts throughout the year and they were used as decorations during events.

5.     Some plants did not grow well due to lack of water - another great lesson!

The kids definitely beamed with pride every time they grew and delivered a new plant. - Parent


My son was extremely engaged throughout the entire year when working on the greenhouse project.  He was quick to share the information he learned and we soon realized his love for gardening.  He was very excited to add "his" radish to a salad.  We are thrilled that his classroom was able to take part in such an authentic learning experience that will serve him well as he gets older.  - Parent