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Green Tips for Sustainable Living

Save water

According to Environment Canada, the average household uses water in the following fashion:

Toilet flushing - 30%
Showers and baths - 35%
Laundry - 20%
Kitchen and drinking - 10%
Cleaning - 5%


Washrooms account for nearly two-thirds of water used! Use of low-flow showerhead, aerators in kitchen and bathroom taps and dual-flush toilet tanks can significantly cut back on your water use and water bill.


Follow the simple tips below to conserve water at home:

  • Make it a habit to finish your shower in less than 5 minutes, or fill your bath tub just half way.
  • Rinse dishes in a stoppered sink or basin, not with running water.
  • Conduct a "leak check" a minimum of twice a year on water-using fixtures and appliances, including outside hose connections. Make necessary repairs and replacements.
  • Buy a low-water-use dishwasher and front-load washing machine to save on both energy and water.
  • Water your lawn in the evening or morning to reduce loss due to evaporation
  • Use proper layout for your sprinkler system.

Click here to learn more about how to detect and fix plumbing leaks and other userful water saving tips from the City of Winnipeg.


Click here for additional infrmaiton on how to conserve water throughoght home.

Save energy

  • Switch to energy efficient lights and appliances (e.g., use CFL or LED bulbs and energy efficient washer, dryer and furnace).
  • Check your house for leakage of heat and poor insulation – a lot of heat can be lost due to leakage through the doors, windows and poorly insulated heating pipes.
  • Use programmable thermostats when possible that will allow you to automatically turn off or reduce heating when family members are out of the house.
  • Turn off computers and entertainment centres while not in use.
  • Unplug seasonal appliances while not in use (e.g., fans during the winter).

Visit the links below for additional information and tips on conserving energy:


Efficient Lighting and other ways to save energy


Switching to LED Bulbs





Manitoba Hydro offers many incentives to make your home more energy efficient. Click here for the incentives and start saving!

Reduce waste

Make use of the Internet and email to manage your communications and information. Most financial transactions such as receiving and paying bills can be done online.

  • If you don't like receiving flyers, write "No Junk Mail Please" under a ‘red dot’ and post it inside your mailbox and your address should be taken off the junk mail list.
  • Reduce, recycle and reuse paper, plastic, and metal. Participate in local recycling programs offered through your municipality.
  • Also ask your municipality about your local hazardous waste and used oil depots. Safely disposing of these dangerous wastes can protect you, your family and the environment.
  • Consider composting your organic waste. It produces soil conditioner, reduces pressure on landfill sites and reduces the emission of methane – a greenhouse gas 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a contributor to climate change.

Additional information

  • In Winnipeg, a great way to reduce waste is to use a blue box. Click herefor information on what is accepted, and for more recycling tips.
  • Click here to read about Green Action Centre's Compost Action Project for backyard composting.