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Tire Stewardship Manitoba


Phone: (204) 661-3242 or 1-866-724-5002 (Toll Free)    Email:


Program Description

Tire Stewardship Manitoba (TSM) is a not-for-profit province wide agent of the Manitoba tire industry committed to protection of the Earth’s environment and promotion of economic benefit for Manitoba through the sustainable management of all tires and tubes in Manitoba.


TSM’s mandate is to implement an approved tire stewardship program plan consistent with the requirements of The Waste Reduction and Prevention Act, the Tire Stewardship Regulation 2006 (MR 222/06), and the guideline for Tire Stewardship, as approved and amended.


Why is it Important?
Every year, 1 million new tires hit the road in Manitoba. That’s a lot of tires. Each one of those tires will end up as scrap once they reach their lifespan. All that scrap could end up in our landfills, posing a risk to human health and the environment.Fortunately, that doesn’t happen because tire consumers, retailers and recyclers are partners in preventing scrap tire waste.


Recycling is important but reducing use and extending tire life also helps the environment. Driving less and keeping tires properly inflated helps, and tire manufacturers are also always looking for ways to improve tires for safety and longer life. Recycled tires are used to make flooring products, artificial turf fields, rubberized asphalt, blast mats and more. They can even be used to create fuel. Markets for recycled products create jobs and economic development in our province. On average, Manitoban’s recycle about 13,000 tonnes of scrap tires each year. That’s the equivalent of one tire for every Manitoban! To learn more about recycled tire products made in Manitoba Click Here.

Products Eligible for Collection under the TSM Program Include
All tires and tubes generated as scrap in the Province of Manitoba.

Drop off scrap tires at any of the Depots in the province (choose your town/city for a location nearest you). There is no charge when you drop off scrap tires eligible under the Tire Stewardship Manitoba Program.

To register your landfill or waste transfer station as a collection site for the Tire Recycling Program, please Click Here.

How is the Program Funded?
When you purchase a new tire the retailer pays an eco-fee to Tire Stewardship Manitoba. TSM uses 100% of these funds to operate Manitoba’s tire recycling program on behalf of the retailers.

Have Additional Questions?
Contact Tire Stewardship Manitoba by telephone: (204) 661-3242 in Winnipeg or outside Winnipeg call toll free: 1-866-724-5002 or by email.

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Have Questions about Recycling in Manitoba?

Call Green Manitoba in Winnipeg (204) 945-3268 outside Winnipeg toll free: 1-866-460-3118 or by email.